Text 13 Sep Who programs the programmed?

This is a response to a post made here by Adam Chalmers.  His blog discusses artificial intelligence and how to be intelligent about them.


The points you bring up in your article What’s “machine ethics”, and why’s it so important? are relevant and…

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Text 25 Jun 1 note Aliens and infection

I initially started this post as a criticism of how science fiction portrays infectious diseases and quarantine.  I thought that, if two organisms which evolved on different planets were to meet they would cause each other great harm because of their…

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Photo 7 May
Photo 5 May
Photo 27 Apr Gluten free and dairy free believe it or not.

Gluten free and dairy free believe it or not.

Photo 27 Apr
Photo 26 Apr
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Text 28 Mar On Carcinomas as Organisms

Consider the development of life on Earth. Prokaryotic organisms evolved to endocytosed other prokaryotes giving rise to eukaryotic cells. These eukaryotes evolved to work in concert thus creating multicellular organisms. Just as some species have evolved…

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Photo 16 Mar 2 notes #enchanted #doorway @julietalana just an enchanted passage.

#enchanted #doorway @julietalana just an enchanted passage.

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